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There are a range of other Clubs and Activities held at Rivonia Club: Karate, Kendo..

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Rivonia Budo Karate Academy is a traditional Shotokan karate dojo affiliated to Budo Karate International (founded by 8th Dan Malcolm Dorfman) and Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF) in Japan. Our emphasis is the practice and preservation of traditional budo karate techniques, original values and ethos while continuously evolving by fostering the development of correct, scientific and safe modern exercise technology. Our core value is Shojiki (integrity). With the guidance of Budo Karate International Chief Instructor and Karatenomichi World Federation Assistant Chief Instructor Malcolm Dorfman, Rivonia Budo Karate Academy believes a true karate-ka is a holistic being and aims to maximise the physical,



The Rivonia Kendo Dojo is an South African Kendo Federation (9SAKF) affiliated club that aims at the promotion and development of Kendo in South Africa and the fostering of mutual trust, friendship and respect amongst its members through rigorous Kendo training.
The club also has the first Kendo Kids club that is aimed at developing kendo amongst children and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 17 years old.

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Website: www.rivoniakendo.co.za, Email: info@rivoniakendo.co.za