Why become a sponsor?

  • RRC has approximately 180 members. Ages varying from late teens to 80’s.

  • Members are all local community members.

  • The RRC is the only municipal sport facility in the whole Paulshof, Rivonia and Sunninghill wards.

  • We require funds due to the previous manager/caterer who has been evicted for mismanaging the facility.

  • Good exposure to the local community:

    • The club entertains league teams for bowls and tennis on a regular basis.

    • Other sport sub-sections such as Gymnastics, bring many more members to the club, especially as parents are continuously in attendance for their children.

    • Recreational sub-sections such as the Bridge Club, the Womens Travel club, Line Dancing, the Masons etc. who use the club on a weekly, bi-monthly and monthly basis, bring many more visitors to the club.

  • In return for the monetary sponsorship:

    • We will place 1 or 2 advertising boards (supplied by the sponsor) at the RRC. One at the tennis courts and/or one at the bowling greens.

(Chromadek board size = Tennis 610 x 2,440mm;  Bowls 1,220 x 2,440mm).

  • The sponsor will be able to use the RRC facilities, twice per year, free of charge (food and beverage to be supplied by the RRC).

  • A link to the sponsors website can be put on the RRC website with the sponsors permission.