Why become a sponsor?

RRC has approximately 180 members. Ages varying from late teens to 80’s.

Members are all local community members.

The RRC is the only municipal sport facility in the whole Paulshof, Rivonia and Sunninghill wards.

Good exposure to the local community:

The club entertains league teams for tennis on a regular basis.

Other sport sub-sections such as Gymnastics, Karate and Kendo bring many more members to the club, especially as parents are continuously in attendance for their children.

In return for the monetary sponsorship:

We will place 1 or 2 advertising boards (supplied by the sponsor) at the RRC. One at the tennis courts.

(Chromadek board size = Tennis 610 x 2,440mm;  Bowls 1,220 x 2,440mm).

The sponsor will be able to use the RRC facilities, twice per year, free of charge (food and beverage to be supplied by the RRC).

A link to the sponsors website can be put on the RRC website with the sponsors permission.

Contact Us to apply